Tips for Hosting the Perfect Summer Patio Party in Kansas City

We are deep into summer and everyone is looking to spend time with friends and family in the hot weather. Whether you want to show off your patio or relax in the pool, inviting your friends over for a summer patio party in Kansas City is a great way to spend time with everyone. To pull off an excellent summer soiree, here are our tips for hosting a patio get together.

summer patio party in kansas city

Summer Patio Party Tips

  1. Tell every guest what they should bring. If you are supplying everything, let them know they only need to bring themselves. If you want people to bring beverages or side dishes, assign items to each attendee to complete your event.
  2. Evaluate your patio space. How much room you have on your patio will partially dictate how many people you can invite so everyone is comfortable. If you plan on directing people to a backyard pool, then you don’t need to worry about your patio size too much. However, if you are spending all your time on your patio, be sure there are plenty of comfortable seating options. Avoid sitting people in the grass during your summer patio party.
  3. Make sure your landscaping is up to par. If you have dirt patches or dying plants around your patio, it can ruin the vibe of your summer patio party. It is wise to put in plants on dirt patches or prune plants that have dying sections. If you do not have a green thumb, hiring a landscaper to spruce up your patio space before guests come over is a wise investment.
  4. Shoo away mosquitos! Lots of mosquitos or biting flies can take a bite out of your summer patio party. To keep mosquitos away, be sure to remove any standing water in your yard and set up a light breeze on your patio. Putting a small fan out on low to create air movement will discourage mosquitos from landing.
  5. Create the perfect summer patio playlist with the classics that everyone knows as well as some fun and funky summer alternative music peppered in to change it up. Don’t turn up the music too loud, however, as it can make it hard to hold a conversation.
  6. Provide guests a way to keep cool as they enter your summer patio party space. Provide handheld fans in fun summer colors that people can use to cool off or shoo off any stubborn mosquitos. Make sure there are plenty of ice cold beverages to sip on. You can even go so far as offering cold compresses to guests to keep them chilled out.
  7. Go the extra mile with your disposable dishware. Instead of the standard Styrofoam plates, offer colorful and summer-y disposable dishware that matches your summer patio party theme. If you have an outdoor kitchen with a sink, it is a great idea to invest in some colorful plasticware that is easy to clean and break-proof for the outdoors.
  8. Set the mood with lighting! You can choose to string lanterns, twinkle lights, torches, or candles on your patio so everyone can see once it gets dark. Consider installing a fire pit for everyone to gather around at dusk, expanding your summer patio party to the rest of your yard.