Summer Lawn Care Tips from 2N

Summer Lawn Care Tips from a Local Lawn Care Company

Summer is the time for your yard to shine, but it is also a season that can be tough on your lawn and can leave it looking less than ideal. Follow these summer lawn care tips and you’ll have a lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors!

Are you mowing your lawn correctly?

Mowing the lawn seems like a pretty simple endeavor and the most basic item of summer lawn care, but there is much more involved to it than simply cutting your grass.

You need to make sure your equipment is ready for the task. You need to have a sharp mower blade. When the blade gets dull instead of cutting the grass it tears the grass. This can result in grass that is ragged with brown edges, which not only looks bad, but also provides an opening for disease organisms. A good rule of thumb to help determine how often to sharpen your blade is to do it after 10 hours of mowing time. It can be helpful to have a second mower blade on hand so that you can always have a sharp blade ready to go.

It’s best to leave your grass a bit longer throughout the hottest part of the year. Ideal grass height is dependent on the type of grass you have. Taller grass helps combat evaporation, which means you have to water less and it can also help to prevent weed seeds from germinating in your yard. You should mow your yard often enough that you are never removing more than one-third of the leaf surface at a time.

The yard care professionals at Second Nature would love to handle all of your lawn care needs, leaving you time to fully enjoy your summer and all of the fun activities that come along with the warm weather. Call us today for a price quote on an individualized lawn care package tailored specifically for your needs.

Are you treating your lawn appropriately?

There are a number of chemical treatments that can be applied to your lawn as a part of summer lawn care. You want to make sure you are applying them at the right time to maximize effectiveness.

The best time to apply fertilizer depends on the type of grass your lawn is composed of. Warm-season turf grows heavily during the summer and needs the nutrients from fertilizer. Cool-season lawns need fertilizer applied during the cooler weather of either the spring or the fall.

Applying weed control in the late summer/early fall you can help control any existing weeds and help prevent new weeds. But, if you plan to seed or overseed you should not apply pre-emergent herbicide in the fall.

Japanese beetles, June bugs, and European chafers lay their eggs in the grass in early to mid-summer. Those eggs hatch into grubs in mid-to-late summer. To help you determine the best time to apply grub control you can contact your local Cooperative Extension office.

We understand there are a lot of specific rules for chemical lawn care applications; you can let the summer lawn care experts at Second Nature handle all your chemical applications. Call us today to get a price quote.

Are you watering properly?

Watering your lawn deeply and infrequently leads to the healthiest lawns. Your local water authority can recommend an irrigation schedule or you can contact Second Nature, we can assist you with all your summer lawn care needs, including a watering schedule.

Are you picking up after your dog?

Your dog’s urine, or other waste products, can cause dead spots within your lawn if not disposed of properly.  If your grass is dying because of your pet’s urination you should flush the area with water to dilute the urine. Solid waste should be picked up frequently and disposed of properly. The ideal solution to prevent your pet from having an adverse effect on your lawn you should train your pet to use a mulch or pebbled area for their bathroom breaks.

Don’t Bag Your Lawn Clippings

If you are cutting your lawn frequently enough you will be able to leave your grass clippings on your lawn. This practice is known as grasscycling and is helps to save you time. It also is beneficial because the grass clippings can act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn.

Stay Off The Lawn

Driving or parking on your lawn is never a good idea as it leads to soil compaction which can further lead to dead grass, among a number of other problems. During times of drought or excessive heat it can also be wise to limit even foot traffic on your grass, which could lead to damaged turf crowns.


While summer lawn care seems like a basic skill it can involve a lot of different aspects of lawn care. Second Nature can take care of all aspects of summer lawn care for you. Beat the heat this summer and have Second Nature handle your summer lawn care for you!


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