Outdoor Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

We all have been getting a bit antsy for the great weather that comes with spring and early summer! That time is finally here and we can celebrate this weather in May with National BBQ Month!


As the weather gets nicer many people love to entertain and spend time in their yard. Today we want to discuss some ways to establish or improve an outdoor kitchen, on a budget.


Outdoor Cooktop

One of the first outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget to address is your cooking apparatus. Rather than a fixed grill with gas lines run to it, consider a portable charcoal or gas grill. A portable grill helps to keep costs lower because it doesn’t require a contractor for installation, it also provides the benefit of being able to take the grill with you if you were ever to move.


Storage Area

An island or an all weather kitchen cart can provide the needed storage as a way to update your outdoor kitchen on a budget. If you have wall space to work with you can add cabinets or a ledge at cabinet level.


Outdoor Drink Service

An outdoor kitchen idea on a budget for enhancing your drink service starts with a portable bar area. Again, this gives you the flexibility of taking it with you were ever to move, and it also is a lower budget item than having a contractor install a fixed bar. A portable bar can be something purchased or as simple as a metal tub on a stand where you can ice down some beverages.


Dining Area

When dreaming about outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget don’t forget to include where you will be eating this food you’re making in your new outdoor kitchen. Make sure you have a dining area that will provide seating for you and your guests. You can find outdoor dining sets at many local retailers and a number of online dealers.


Location Location Location!

If your outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget do include using a plumber or electrician you can reduce costs by positioning your outdoor kitchen as close as possible to a water source and existing electrical elements. It is even better for your budget if you can forgo hard wiring or plumbing, which would involve the added expense of an electrician or a plumber. For example, if you position your outdoor kitchen close to an entrance or a water hose you can handle clean up in that manner, rather dealing with the added expense of adding plumbing.