Our Favorite Small Backyard Landscaping Elements

We understand that not everybody has a large and sprawling backyard that allows for some of the picture perfect backyards you might see on Pinterest or design magazines. But the good news is that there are plenty of small backyard landscaping ideas that can help overcome a lack of space. Today we are going to talk about some of our favorite small backyard landscaping elements to imitate some of the sprawling designer magazine aesthetics.

small backyard landscaping

Utilize Dual Function Design Items

By choosing items that have dual functions, you can maximize the use of your space. For example, a small backyard landscaping solution would be a deck design that has a bench built in around the exterior edge of the deck. That way you are able to maximize the seating you have in your backyard while still maintaining open spaces for mingling during a BBQ or giving your children space to play.

Use Terraces To Increase Space

If your backyard space is limited by a slope, a built in terrace can be a great small backyard landscaping solution. If a steep slope is rendering part of your yard useless terraces can turn that area into a space for seating, play, or a garden bed.

Find The Space To Grow Your Food

Many people with small backyards are frustrated with the lack of space for an edible garden. Most people envision a vegetable garden as a large plot with plants laid out in rows, this just isn’t a feasible option if your space is limited. By thinking outside of the box your small backyard landscaping can be based off of edible plants instead of the more commonplace ornamental plants. You still gain the variety of texture and height that can be achieved with ornamental plants, but also have the benefit of growing your own food. Edible plants can also be planted in containers, which do not require as much space as a traditionally laid out vegetable garden.

Create A Multi-Use Space

When you have a small backyard, you may want to maximize the useable space by filling the yard with pavers and/or landscaping stone. This small backyard landscaping idea can increase your livable space by opening up the yard for a dining area, an outdoor living area, or ensure that you have space for a great fire pit. You can soften the look with planters along the outside edge of the yard.

Create a Tranquil Retreat in Small Backyard Landscaping

If maximizing space isn’t your main goal when designing your small backyard landscaping, you could focus on increasing the amount of plants and greenery in your yard. Filling your space with flowering plants of various sizes and heights and installing pavers to create meandering paths through the yard can create a strong visual impact. Care should be taken to choose plants that are appropriate for the space you have and that won’t grow too large and overwhelm the small space.

Multifunctional Spaces

An alternative to filling your backyard with plants is to minimize the plants and defined spaces in the yard. This small backyard landscaping idea is that by keeping your yard minimalistic, you are able to use the space in multiple ways. You can have plenty of space when you have friends over for a party or plenty of room for the kids to play.

Eliminate Fences

If you don’t want to close in your yard with a tall and imposing fence, a great idea for small backyard landscaping is to utilize plants to define the space. They also can provide a screen and allow you privacy in your backyard sanctuary, while still allowing for an openness that isn’t possible with a full fence.

Once you decide on your basic idea of how you want to use you backyard there are plenty of ways to see your design come to life, regardless of the space you have available to you.