Making A Vegetable Garden Design Work With Your Landscaping

June is National Fresh Fruit and Veggies Month! Not only are home grown vegetables delicious to munch on, they can also provide depth and character to your landscaping. Creating a vegetable garden design is a fine line to walk, however, when it comes to your landscaping. Gardens can quickly get an overgrown look that clashes with most homeowners’ landscaping design. To avoid that, here are some of our tips for making your vegetable garden complement your landscaping.

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Create a Separate Space

The simplest and most common way to blend your vegetable garden design into your landscaping is to create a distinct, separate area for the garden. This blends as you are scanning your landscaping since the eye will recognize that area is separate from the rest of the design. Place your separate vegetable garden either in a yard corner or in the back center directly across from your patio. To help define its separation, create an archway or doorway of some kind with a short fence, retaining wall, or pallet boards lining the edges.

Integrate Vegetable Garden Design With Landscaping Design

With a little more planning, you can completely integrate your vegetable garden design into your landscaping design. Many people like to create pathways with their landscaping; instead of filling these pathways with bushes or trees, you can use stone masonry, brick pavers, or wood beams to section paths with gardens. You can also use a garden as a border for your patio instead of accent bushes or create a sprawling courtyard with gardens as your feature plants. It takes a little creativity, but you can replace many of the traditional bush and tree landscaping pieces with vegetable plants in a streamlined and beautiful way.

Add a Raised Garden as a Landscaping Accent

Many people love utilizing raised beds to add dimension and depth to their landscaping. Often this space is used for a soothing water feature or a dynamic bush and floral design. But the strategy of raised landscaping beds can also be used to integrate your garden into your landscaping.

Decide how much space you will need for the plants you want to grow and have a landscaper create the raised bed for you based on that size. To make it blend into your landscaping better, plant the smaller vegetables around the edges of the bed and increase the size of the plants as you go back until your tall vine plants are at the back of the bed. Try to add some herb plants to give it that landscaping look without sacrificing the practicality of your garden.