Increase Curb Appeal With Front Yard Landscaping

Curb appeal makes a big difference when it comes to the first impression of your house. Not only will it wow the neighborhood and people who come to visit, but it also increases the value of your home. There are many things you can do take your curb appeal, and therefore home value, to the next level. Start your transformation affordably with front yard landscaping.

front yard landscaping

Start With an Interesting Walkway

Everyone has the standard driveway-to-front-door walkway in the area. Homes that have something a little more varied grabs attention and creates a simple wow-factor. You can use pavers or natural stone to create a gradual walkway from your driveway into your house. Short, elevated steps that wind to the front door adds dimension to the front of your house. You can border this walkway with flowers and short shrubs to fill in the space between the house and the walkway.

The important thing to remember when adding a walkway is to make it logical. You don’t want a meandering walkway through your entire front yard to your front door. People will skip your walkway and trudge through your landscaping to your front door. Try to make the walkway at least 36 inches wide, but aim for 54 inches so two people can walk comfortably to the front door. Here is tip: try to make the start of the walkway wider than the rest to make it appear larger.

Add Plants for Texture

You want to add plants around your porch, walkways, driveway, and peppered throughout your front yard to add texture. This is especially important if the front of your house is fairly flat with little detail. Here are some ideas:

  • Use flowers to fill in gaps between bushes, shrubs, and grass plants. While flowers take some care, they add a beautiful element to your front yard landscaping.
  • Try adding potted plants for differentiation in your front yard landscaping.
  • Avoid planting tall plants and bushes in front of windows. Check how tall plants will grow and vary the plant height.
  • Keep shorter plants around doorways and walkways so they don’t rub against people.

Use Trees for Accents

Besides the plants around your home, you also want to break up your front yard with accent trees. You can use traditional Midwest trees or try to go for some more expensive, exotic trees that will thrive in the area. To cut down on the front yard mowing space, you can create islands around your trees. Use a combination of paver stones and mulch or small shade plants around your trees to add definition.

Remember Borders for Porches and Walkways

You can add more detail to your front yard landscaping with well-planned borders around your porch, walkway, and driveway. If you want to use plants for your border, be sure they are low to the ground so they don’t disrupt people who are carrying bags or other hanging items. A good idea is to use pavers and natural stone accents as well as outdoor lighting solutions for borders.

Consider Themes for Front Yard Landscaping

If your house has a certain theme (ie: colonial), you can structure your front yard landscaping around that theme. There are many bushes and flowers that will fit into a home’s design theme. Check out the landscaping theme ideas from HGTV on how to incorporate your home’s theme into your front yard landscaping.