Christmas Landscape Decorating Ideas

Do you have your halls decked and your house decorated for the holidays yet? Most people already know the tried-and-true ideas of outlining your house with outdoor lights or putting up an inflatable Santa in your yard, but we want to think outside of the normal and expected decorations for your Christmas landscape.

christmas landscape

Christmas Landscape Essential – Evergreens

A classic Christmas icon is the evergreen tree and there are a myriad of ways that you can incorporate the tree into your decorations. Galvanized tubs are a great way to bring the current rustic trend to your Christmas decorations. You can use them as planters for evergreens of varying sizes and types on your porch or throughout your yard.

Wreaths and Pinecones

While wreaths aren’t a new Christmas landscape concept, we have started to see them used in new and unexpected ways. Try two or three wreaths on the same door or a different shapes, such as a square wreath. You can also hang wreaths in different locations than just the front door, such as the railing on your porch, on the windows, or on the side of your house.

For a rustic and classic Christmas postcard effect, add pinecone to your wreaths and other Christmas landscape décor. Sugar pine cones can measure up to a foot long and can be used to make wreath, add a big statement to garland around your door, or used as filler along with a string of lights to fill up a large glass lantern to adorn your Christmas landscape.

Get Creative with Everyday Items

Sometimes the best decorations are right in front of you. Look around your house with an open mind to see what items you can repurpose for your Christmas landscape decorating. An old pair of ice skates that no longer fit or a plaid scarf can be used to decorate your mailbox or hung on your front door in lieu of a wreath.

Add Oversized Ornaments

Oversized ornaments are a great new trend that can help liven up your Christmas landscape. We have seen these ornaments made out of everything from spray painted old tires with upside down pails for the toppers, light globes with tuna cans and eye hooks for the toppers, or children’s kick balls and a cape pan as a topper! Depending on the size these can be used as decorations in the yard, filling a previously empty window planter, or hung across your porch.

Keep Lighting Subtle

In addition to having lights on your house as part of your Christmas landscape, you can also add Christmas lights to your front entryway or to light the pathway of your sidewalk. Mason jars are a current decorating item that can be used at Christmas. Hanging a cluster of mason jars next to your doorway and filling them with Christmas lights is a great alternative to your front porch light. They can also be used to create a lighted pathway. Using bottles, maybe emptied wine bottles that have had the label removed, you could fill the bottles with lights and drape the lights between bottles to light the way.

If you want a professional yet subtle Christmas landscape lighting aesthetic, you can add downlighting and uplighting to your landscape in the Christmas colors of red and green. Some lighting options allow you to add fake falling snowflakes to your landscape, or can create a subtle glittering appearance to your plants and trees.