Backyard Pond Landscaping Makeover: Before & After

This transformation of Brandi’s backyard is absolutely stunning!  Brandi’s water garden pond with a mini water fall had so much potential.   One might enjoy watching the fish swimming in the pond but there is not much here to support a beautiful relaxing backyard experience.  Backyard water gardens can offer the soothing sights and sounds of nature that are so relaxing, but those relaxing elements are absent here.

Before photo of a backyard pond

Second Nature used this outdated pond structure to transform their backyard area into an inviting backyard oasis.

Additional photo of a backyard pond structure

While children may enjoy watching and feeding fish here, it is not a relaxing area for adults.

Not a relaxing backyard pond structure

The oxygenated water here is only benefiting the fish.  The relaxing sights and sounds of a properly built waterfall are lacking here.  Second Nature worked their magic with a few embellishments and transformed this fish pond into a beautiful, tranquil water garden.

The reveal you have been waiting for…

Beautiful backyard pond structure lit up at night

Now Brandi has a beautiful and relaxing oasis in her backyard for everyone to enjoy!  You can almost hear the soothing sights and sound of nature from just the picture.  Just a few steps from Brandi’s backdoor is mini paradise to de-stress and unwind in.

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