Water Features

Residential & Commercial Water Features in Kansas City

Water is the most calming outdoor element, creating a perfect feature for your outdoor space. Second Nature provides a variety of water features to enhance your outdoor living or landscaping project. The sounds of bubbling, trickling, rushing, or roaring water provide a serenity that completes an outdoor space.

Thinking About Water Features such as a Garden Waterfall or Fountain?

Our commercial and residential water features can be a simple fountain or an extravagant waterfall. Small bubbling features can serve as a perfect accent to an outdoor living space to present a tranquil atmosphere. Likewise, these small features can be placed at an entryway to welcome people into your home.

For more extravagant outdoor areas, a pond or waterfall feature can make an impact and provide a serene getaway in your own backyard. Waterfall features are perfect around pool areas as well as around a patio. Consider placing a bigger water feature in your outdoor living space in lieu of a more standard landscape solution, such as a retaining or seating wall.

See some examples of water features we have created for clients around the Kansas City metro area on our PHOTO GALLERY. You can also visit the CONTACT US page to request more information about options for your space.