Spruce Up Outdoor Living Spaces With Fall Trends

Think about how often you change out your interior décor based on the seasons, or how often you feel the urge to rearrange your living room. Your outdoor living space should be treated the same way. Fall is the perfect time of year to sit outside and enjoy your landscaping. It is also the perfect time to change up the décor and landscaping features in your outdoor living spaces. To make your outdoor living space reflect the beauty of fall, try out these fall trends.

outdoor living spaces fall trends


Improve Comfort of Outdoor Living Spaces

Start off your fall décor with the trend of comfort in your outdoor furniture and space layout. You can make outdoor living spaces more inviting by adding cushions and comfortable seating to your living space. Throw pillows with bold patterns are a trend, so try to add indoor/outdoor throw pillows with depictions of fall leaves for the autumn feel. You can also add throw blankets in the harvest hues of brown, orange, yellow, and hunter green for a cozy autumn feel.

You can also rearrange and alter your outdoor living space to increase the cuddle-factor that autumn brings. Define a space in your outdoor living to create extra seating. This is the perfect time to add rocking chair loveseats or additional cushioned seating options. A fall trend this year with outdoor living spaces is to build in bench seats into walls and dividers and include ottomans for footrests and additional seating.

Add Warmth and Light

Warm elements are a very important fall trend for your outdoor living spaces. If you have not added a fire pit or fireplace to your outdoor living space yet, consider it for the perfect focal point for all family get-togethers. Gathering around a fire, combined with the comfort of your outdoor living space changes, will provide the perfect fall comfort and design. You should also opt for unique outdoor lighting that projects the right balance of light and shadow. The more you add this warmth to your outdoor living spaces, the more you will be able to venture out in the cooler weather and enjoy the changing seasons.

Consider Adding Additional Landscaping

Fall is a great time to evaluate your outdoor living space to see how you can improve your landscaping. A current trend in landscaping are large natural stone pavers to outline patio areas and walkways. This element is a perfect upgrade for fall to provide an expansive and comfortable feel in your outdoor living spaces. You should also take a look at adding fall perennials to add some color and depth to spring and summer landscaping that is hibernating for the winter.