Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Services in Kansas City

After you’ve created your outdoor living space, a key part in using that space, specifically after dark, rests in the landscape lighting. The same way lighting is important for the mood and atmosphere of your home’s interior, landscape lights have a big impact on how your outdoor space looks and feels. Our outdoor lighting specialists provide both LED and solar landscape lighting solutions. For better efficiency and a lower energy bill, our experts also offer low voltage landscape lighting.

There are many different benefits to adding lighting to your landscape design.

  • Safety

Illuminating walkways with path lights ensures that people are able to safely navigate walkways and sidewalks at night. Eliminating dark spots in your yard and around your house is also a deterrent for nighttime intruders, as there are no shadows to provide cover.

  • Comfort

Outdoor lighting, such as patio lights, can add to your comfort in using your outdoor landscape design or outdoor living space. Exterior lighting can allow you to continue to utilize your seating area, pool area, or other areas of your yard after dark.

  • Décor

Outdoor light fixtures are not strictly utilitarian, they are also are excellent for highlighting specific landscape features after dark. Without garden lighting those features recede into the darkness at night. Yard lights can illuminate garden beds or can highlight other key features within your yard.

  • Appearance

Outside lights can allow your home’s curb appeal to continue to be appreciated even after darkness falls. A well-lit home can give any passerby the impression that your home is well cared for. Rather than a dark house that recedes into the darkness, a house with strategically placed outside light fixtures is warm and inviting. With properly placed landscape lighting you can also illuminate architectural features of your home.

Second Nature’s landscape lighting designers will listen to your ideas on lighting applications for your outdoor space and can also make recommendations based on what parts of an outdoor design you would like to shine a light on.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

There are a number of different types of outdoor lighting options. The experts at Second Nature can help you develop a landscape lighting plan that utilizes multiple options in order to highlight different landscape features or to add lighting to improve the usability of your outdoor space.

  • Deck Lighting – Deck lighting is a great way to improve the safety of your deck by highlighting railings or steps. You can also use deck lights to accent your deck and make your outdoor space stand out from all others! Second Nature’s lighting experts will work with you to create a plan for your deck lighting that can incorporate LED deck lights, solar deck lights, post cap lighting, rail lighting, and stair/step lighting.
  • Garden Lighting – With garden lights you can use targeted lighting on specific plants or landscape features to highlight them after dark. This lighting plan can utilize uplights, spotlights, or mounted lights to achieve the desired look.
  • Path Lights – Path lights can increase safety in your yard after dark by illuminating walkways to prevent tripping hazards. Solar path lights are an option that does not require electrical wiring, we also offer hard wired path lights so that you are not dependent on sunny weather during the day to power your path lights for the night. While solar path lights may be less costly at installation they are limited on how long they can illuminate your paths and walkways after dark. Hard wired path lights may have a higher upfront cost, they provide the benefit of guaranteed lighting regardless of the amount of sun that day or how long it has been since the sun went down.
  • Patio Lights – There are a number of ways to illuminate your outdoor space with outdoor patio lights. String patio lights are a current trend in creating atmosphere in your outdoor living space. Second Nature can help you with your patio lighting needs, from providing the lights to installation. We also have solar patio lights available as an option where electrical work is not necessary.
  • Porch Lights – Your porch light serves many purposes. Not only does it welcome visitors to your home at night and illuminate your entry but it can also serve as a deterrent to intruders. Along with all of that, your porch light fixtures can also add style to your home and contribute to the overall look and curb appeal of your home. The lighting experts at Second Nature can help you choose outdoor porch lights that complement the style of your home. We have many different styles available to choose from, such as LED porch lights or solar porch lights. Contact us today to discuss your porch lighting needs!
  • Wall Lights – Wall light fixtures can be strategically installed on the exterior of your home to illuminate your outdoor seating area, or highlight various areas within your yard. The lighting experts at Second Nature can assist you with creating a landscape lighting plan that incorporates wall lights to allow you to utilize your outdoor living area after night falls.
  • Yard Lights – The experts at Second Nature can develop a landscape lighting plan that incorporates yard lights. Yard lights help keep your home more safe and secure by illuminating dark areas of your yard or walkways which can help to reduce tripping hazards for you and your guests. Intruders are also deterred if a home has a well-lit exterior. Strategically positioned yard lights can also improve the curb appeal of your home and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor living spaces.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of types of exterior light fixtures and ways to light up your home’s exterior.  What you choose will depend on what you goal is with your landscape lighting plan, the style of your home, the specific landscaping you have in your yard, and your budget. Call Second Nature today to discuss your landscape lighting plans and let our experts help you create the best plan for you and your budget.

Second Nature can supply you with all the equipment necessary to complete your outdoor lighting goals, including low voltage and LED lighting such as low voltage landscape lighting options, LED landscape lighting, or LED path lights. We also have many options available for solar powered garden lights.

Second Nature is a full service landscape lighting company. We have outdoor lighting specialists who will help you develop a lighting plan individually tailored for your house, your needs, and your budget. Then our experienced installation team will have those lights installed and working on your home quickly. We also offer routine maintenance and upkeep on your outdoor lighting components and repair in the event that something goes wrong. Second Nature is the premier landscape lighting professionals in the Kansas City Metro area.

Some of our landscaping lighting applications for your outdoor space include:

  • LED Landscape Lights
  • Outdoor Water Features with Lights
  • Paver Lights
  • Pond Lights
  • Solar Landscape Lights
  • Swimming Pool Lights

To speak with an outdoor lighting expert or to get some landscape lighting ideas and inspiration, contact us today.