Light the Way With Outdoor Light Fixtures

Many homeowners work very hard on building and designing their outdoor living space, but one of the most important parts of enjoying the space is being able to see it. With construction going on during the daylight hours, considering lighting when the sun goes down is commonly an afterthought for many homeowners. Outdoor light fixtures will play a big part in how your living space is perceived at night. To help light the way, here are our tips on choosing outdoor light fixtures.

outdoor light fixtures

Start With Pathways

If you are unsure of where to start adding outdoor light fixtures, begin with pathways. Not only does lighting pathways make it easier to see where you are going, it also presents a warm and inviting look. Try mixing different styles of stake and bush lighting along pathways and add recessed lighting along stairs.

Mix Warm and Cool Lighting

Warm lighting is always wonderful for your outdoor living space. It not only illuminates but also invites people to relax in the space. Yet cool lighting can make your outdoor living space a little more natural and mystical. The latest trend is to add cool lighting, or artificial moonlighting, to your living space. This is commonly added high up in trees to create an illusion of moonlight and highlight some of your beautiful landscaping. Mixing the tree moonlight with warm ground lighting creates a lovely movie-like atmosphere.

Add Both Decorative and Functional Lighting

Start with the functional and practical lighting to perform the basic illumination on your outdoor living space. From there, you can really have fun with your lighting options. Try adding string lighting in trees or a decorative outdoor chandelier over a table. This helps create mood lighting as well as you can turn off the functional lights when you simply want to relax and enjoy your decorative lighting.

Consider Adding Dimmers

If you have bright task lighting in your outdoor kitchen to help with food prep, consider adding dimmer options. Once task work is complete and you are relaxing in your space, you can dim the lights to create a softer glow.

Avoid Outdoor Light Fixtures Overkill

You don’t need to illuminate every square inch of your outdoor living space – that is what daylight is for! Use night time as an opportunity to create a certain mood in your space. Use the tips above and be sure to carefully select the areas you want to highlight. Stick to lighting extra beautiful spots of your landscape, talking areas, and distance landscape.