Lee's Summit Commercial Snow Removal Tips

Watching the snow pile up outside can be a calming and relaxing exercise until you remember that somebody needs to tackle the job of removing all that snow from your commercial or residential property.

Proper snow removal service is beneficial in many ways. Many cities have rules on how quickly public sidewalks have to be cleared, so cleaning your sidewalks could be a matter of abiding by the local laws.  Thorough snow removal aids in keeping sidewalks from becoming slippery, which helps in decreasing slip-and-fall accidents, which can be so common in the winter months. And finally, if you are a business owner it is in your best interest to make sure your customers have a clear and safe entrance into your business. If not you can either lose business due to customers not having access or be faced with a lawsuit from a slip-and-fall accident due to negligence on snow removal.

snow covered truck with plow pushes snow off of the street.

Start Early on Snow Removal

One of the keys to Lee’s Summit snow removal services is to get the job started as soon as the snow starts falling. It is easy to think that the best idea is to wait until the snow is done falling and do the work all at once. This is not a good plan for a number of reasons. Ice can begin to accumulate on the concrete as snow continues to fall. This also makes the job much bigger, instead of moving a small amount of snow a number of times you are left moving a large amount of snow all at once. A good commercial snow removal service should be at your location providing services early in the storm, and multiple times throughout the snowfall.

Thorough Snow & Ice Removal

Lee’s Summit snow removal services should ensure there is thorough removal of all snow and ice. Snow should be removed from the sidewalks on all sides of the property and the full width of the sidewalk should be cleared. The sidewalk needs to be cleared all the way to the concrete and make sure that all ice has been removed. Adding some sand to the sidewalk after it has been cleared can help further to prevent them from becoming slippery. Don’t forget to shovel around garbage cans/recycling bins, or if you have a commercial property you want to ensure there is a clear path to the garbage/recycling area. When you do remove snow, make sure that the snow is piled on the property, or removed entirely. It should not be piled into the street or the alley.

snow piled in front of a commercial business

Roof Snow Removal Services

An often overlooked area in Lee’s Summit snow removal is the roof. Even with a properly sloped roof, if there is enough snow accumulation you can face the prospect of collapse due to the heavy weight of snow sitting on your roof. If you have a flat roof the threat of collapse is even greater and snow removal needs to be handled quicker.

When hiring a company to handle your Lee’s Summit commercial or residential snow removal services make sure you are getting the most for your money and that it will include all of the snow removal services you need for your unique situation.