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Leaf Removal

Autumn brings us breathtaking fall foliage and leaves that are ablaze with brilliant colors; deep red, rustic orange and golden yellow. However, the daylight hours drop and eventually the leaves do too.

The Best Leaf Removal & Lawn Cleanup Team

The Second Nature specialty team is available for weekly or monthly leaf removal or an extensive one-time fall leaf cleanup. Our crews will rid your property of fallen leaves from the smallest particles to those that are hidden by bushes and smashed under shrubs.

Raking, bagging and hauling leaves is time consuming. Our fall leaf cleanup is efficient and saves you hours of yardwork. We bundle and haul so you do not have to bother with yard waste, trash limitations and restrictions on recycling.

Leaf Removal Protects Your Yard’s Health

Let us save your lawn from excessive leaf debris! Leaves that are left over the winter will block sunlight and can potentially suffocate and kill your grass. Decomposing leaves can leak mold, fungi and affiliated sickness into your soil. Our comprehensive leaf removal service will eradicate leaf litter and keep your yard healthy!

We complement our top quality landscape designs and full range of lawn care services with fall leaf removal to keep your outdoor space fabulously maintained and looking beautiful.

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