Landscaping Services

Second Nature’s expert team offers a comprehensive range of custom landscaping services. We serve the whole of Kansas City and surrounding areas with residential and commercial landscape service, including landscape planning and design, landscape construction and maintenance services.

We are licensed landscape architecture and landscape design professionals who understand the nuances of our local soils, topography and climate. We’ve designed and installed hundreds of lush, beautiful landscape projects for homeowners and business clients in the Kansas City metro area.

When you choose Second Nature, you can expect timely, professional services, creative, innovative designs, outstanding production and installation, and responsive staff — professional landscaping services at a fair rate.

Residential Landscaping Services

 Landscaping ideas

Looking for great landscaping ideas? We’ve got a twenty-year deep portfolio of great ideas for front yard landscaping, backyard landscape design, low maintenance landscaping, modern garden design, landscape lighting, landscaping ideas for small yards and intimate, private spaces, and much more!

Our team of professional landscape architects and designers works to transform your property from “just a yard” into a beautiful outdoor living space that works with your personal style and fulfills all your needs, whether you are looking for outdoor family dining space, a fabulous outdoor kitchen to entertain large parties, or a private, serene retreat for yourself.

Of course, landscaping ideas don’t begin and end with plants and turf! Other design considerations include hardscaping (ie, paths and walkways, walls, edgings, stonework, sculpture, and any other permanent design elements), are integral parts of a landscape. Site improvements such as leveling, drainage, building or enlarging water features and ponds, terracing, constructing retaining walls, decks and patios, and automatic irrigation systems are all areas in which we have deep expertise. We will be delighted to consult with you on:

  • patio and deck landscaping ideas
  • hardscaping ideas
  • rock garden designs
  • large or small yard landscaping ideas
  • new directions in residential landscape design
  • landscaping costs

Looking for an urban garden design, or a large or small formal garden design for a house in the city? A new design incorporating landscaping rocks, specimen trees, landscape edging, native plants, or innovative designs for a retaining wall? Landscaping around a pool or deck? Unique and creative landscapes? “Curb appeal landscaping” to help sell your home? We’ve got fresh ideas for all of these and many more!

Landscape Design Services

Second Nature’s landscape designers offer practical and beautiful landscape solutions for every need.

The design process involves one or more consultations and a site survey to determine the needs and budget of the client, and the considerations of the specific site, such as sun exposure, proximity to buildings, desired use, etc. Based on these requirements, an initial design is drawn up and presented. Materials will be discussed including appropriate selections of plant species, hardscaping materials, deck or patio materials. Scope of the work, length of the project and warranties will be included in the contract presented to the client.

In all stages of your custom landscape design and installation project, we will collaborate with you to make sure every detail of your design vision is realized. We will provide recommendations on elements that will look — and perform — exceptionally for many years to come.

Landscaping Maintenance Services

After the initial installation of your new landscape, the maintenance team at Second Nature can provide full landscape maintenance services, including fertilizing, mulching, seasonal planting, spring and fall clean-ups, and of course, all lawn services needed to keep your property looking well-groomed.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Second Nature offers commercial landscaping design for discerning commercial customers who wish to improve the curb appeal of their business property. Our landscape design and maintenance services enhance the beauty and value of commercial spaces such as retail businesses, offices buildings, office and industrial parks, hospitals, medical facilities, malls and more.

Beautifully designed commercial landscaping can turn an ordinary, utilitarian building into an attractive business destination.

Elements to consider in addition to plantings are retaining walls, drainage, automated irrigation systems, built in planters and seating areas, walkways, patios and covered break areas.

We have specialists on-staff who are experienced with our commercial client’s unique landscaping needs of low maintenance plantings and hardscaping, emphasizing durability and longevity.

We also offer comprehensive commercial landscape maintenance services and service plans.


Explore some of our landscaping designs and solutions in our PHOTO GALLERY.

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The Path to Your New Landscape

  • Initial consultation
  • Site Survey
  • Design process and presentation
  • Material selection: consultation regarding suitable selection of plant species, hardscaping materials, deck or patio materials
  • Hardscape installation
  • Planting and mulching
  • Client meeting at site to ensure their satisfaction
  • Seasonal planting updates for color and freshness, if desired
  • Maintenance services that will ensure your new investment continues to mature into a living asset

You can explore some of our landscaping designs and solutions on our PHOTO GALLERY. Learn more about our landscaping services by CONTACT US.