Hardscaping Services

Custom Hardscape and Hardscape Design in Kansas City

Serving the Kansas City Metro area for over 20 years, Second Nature is your outdoor planning solution for the two primary components of landscape design: hardscape and softscape. Hardscape refers to the permanent structures of your outdoor area while softscape brings to life horticultural elements such as flowers, shrubs, plants and trees.

Hardscape elements are inanimate, durable and remain the same year-over-year. We offer hardscape landscaping, which includes walkways, decks, retaining walls and any type of outdoor feature that is constructed using hardwearing materials such as wood, concrete, pavers and landscaping rocks.

Our quality hardscape includes services for front yard landscaping, backyard design and garden fulfillment. From design and build to repair and install, our team of experts are available to make your landscape and hardscape designs a reality.

Hardscape and Softscape Work Together to Create Balance in Your Outdoor Living Space

Successful landscape balances hardscape and softscape elements for harmonious functionality and complementary style. Second Nature will help you customize a perfectly proportioned outdoor area combining hardscape and softscape elements, which create unity through focal points and accents.

The symmetrical edges of a brick paver fireplace will work in tandem with manicured hedges and perfectly spaced flowerbeds. On the contrary, a wrap around deck will delight with whimsical tree patterns and free flowing floral arrangements. Working hand-in-hand, hardscape and softscape should come together to create a cohesive outdoor scene.

Hardscape such as retaining walls are often necessary to manage water. The height of a retaining wall can be a coordinated with other vertical elements used in your yard or patio area to maintain an aesthetic flow.

Types of Hardscape

What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about hardscape? Retaining Walls? Fire Pits? Due to the very nature of the term “hardscape,” its permanence and potential to create and unbalanced outdoor area, it is important to use qualified hardscape contractors for an excellent outcome that you will enjoy for years. Contact Second Nature to discuss your hardscape landscaping ideas with our team of architects and outdoor designers.


Transform a basic here-to-there path into a beautiful walkway with pavers of different shapes and natural patterns. Pavers are a durable and long-lasting way to direct the flow of your landscape and showcase landscape design during a leisurely stroll.

Landscaping rocks of various textures will add contrast to your flowerbeds and provide solid groundcover. With little maintenance required, landscaping rocks bring appeal and offer many options. From garden paving to landscaping stones, Second Nature works with you every step of the way.

Outdoor Living Areas and Outdoor Kitchens

Make the Cook of the House happy with a custom outdoor kitchen complete with ample prep area, state-of-the art equipment and hardscape design, which may include gorgeous pavers and stunning landscape blocks. Second Nature will design and build you a comfortable outdoor living area and convenient outdoor kitchen or cooking space perfect for any Head Chef or Grill Master.

Outdoor Fire Places

A fireplace can be a stoic centerpiece and offer stark contrast to lush greenery and flowery blooms. Second Nature has designs, types and materials perfectly suited to match your retaining wall, concreate pavers or custom outdoor kitchen. An ideal addition to any outdoor area, a fireplace is another way to incorporate beautiful hardscape into your outdoor space.

Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love a fire pit? As a hardscape focal point, fire pit design can flow seamlessly into the elements of your deck, patio or garden area. Coordinating pavers, landscaping stones or landscaping rocks will set the tone for your outdoor ambiance and landscape makeover.

An amazing social hub, fire pits are a gathering spot where friends and family can warm their hands, roast marshmallows and share stories. Contact Second Nature today for hardscape that will make memories and last a lifetime.


Our hardscape services extend to all types of patios. Imagine stepping right outside your backdoor onto a patio designed and custom constructed by Second Nature. Our patio builders use top-quality materials that complement your existing landscape. From durable and highly versatile brick pavers to decoratively stamped concrete pavers, our hardscape contractors will bring your outdoor patio to life.


Paver stairs are a sure way to step up your outdoor décor. Pavers come in all sizes, shapes and interlocking patterns. Choose from decorative concrete pavers, brick pavers or natural stone pavers that are durable and able to withstand high traffic areas. Beautiful and custom designed, Second Nature will design paver stairs that intertwine with your landscape and are be able to withstand decades of barbeques.

Retaining Walls

Protect your home’s foundation with a carefully crafted retaining wall. Our hardscape contractors pay close attention and plan in detail the diversion of water to prevent soil shifting. A well-constructed retaining wall can blend beautifully into existing landscape and extend the life of softscape including the longevity of your flowerbeds, shrubs and trees.

From erosion control to leveling a patio, we use atheistically pleasing retaining blocks to create a contemporary vibe, rustic warmth or innovative style of your choice.  With Second Nature, retaining walls can be as visually dynamic as they are functional.

Hardscape from Start to Finish

Second Nature will be your hardscape partner from start to finish. You can explore some of our hardscape solutions on our Hardscape Photo Gallery. Is it right for your yard? Call us to find out.