Get Ready for Fall with These Fire Pit Designs

Summer is winding down and the crisp coolness of autumn will be blowing in before you know it. One of the best parts of fall is enjoying the weather while keeping warm around a fire pit. If you want to enjoy the outdoors while staying toasty, here are some fire pit designs to help you get ready for fall.

fire pit designs

Types of Fire Pit Designs

There are a few different fire pit designs you can go for. There are above ground pits, in ground pits, built-in pits, covered fire pits, coal pits, oven pits, and fireplaces.

  • Above Ground Fire Pit: This is the most popular type of fire pit for the area. Usually these fire pits are built with stones, steel, or concrete and sit above ground on a patio or yard.
  • In Ground Fire Pit: An in ground pit is buried in the ground with stone work around it. Usually these are designed with a patio.
  • Built-In Fire Pits: A built-in fire pit is built into an object, like an outdoor coffee table.
  • Covered Fire Pits: Another popular fire pit option in the area, a covered fire pit can be used with any of the above pits but will have a steel cover over it. This is great for areas with fire restrictions or for cooking.
  • Coal Fire Pits: A coal pit can be used in any of the above fire pit types and uses coal to create an ember bed with singular flames, making for a dramatic effect.
  • Oven Fire Pits: An oven fire pit utilizes a small outdoor “oven” usually with some stone work or other outdoor living design build around it. These are used primarily to warm an entire patio space.
  • Fireplaces: An outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who have a large outdoor living area. It instantly upgrades the elegance and value of your living space.

Places to Put Your Fire Pit

The most common place to place fire pit designs is on a patio space. Often the fire pit will be designed to match the patio space with similar stone or concrete worked into the pit design. You can also place a fire pit out in your yard with its own fire pit area. People will build stone benches around the pit or will use a gravel floor to designate the fire pit area. Many homeowners choose to build their fire pit in a secluded garden area for a true private relaxation space.

Landscaping Around the Fire

In most cases, the landscaping around the fire pit uses the same stones or materials for the patio or outdoor kitchen the fire pit is placed in. However, there are a few other options for landscaping around fire pit designs, including:

  • Built-in benches with bushes around the bench.
  • A wall by one edge of the fire pit with potted plants lining the wall.
  • Mulch and small perennials.
  • Large natural stone blocks and a combination of bushes and wildflowers.
  • A row of plants and small tress of varying height behind the fire pit.
  • Mulch and large tile blocks.
  • Gravel and large stepping stones to the fire pit area.