Fall Landscaping Ideas for the First Day of Fall

Thursday, September 22 is the First Day of Fall! The season’s crisp cool air and beautiful changing leaves give you the perfect reason to go out and enjoy your outdoor living space. To incorporate beautiful fall plants into your landscaping, here are some fall landscaping ideas to help you celebrate the first day of fall.

fall landscaping ideas

Fall Landscaping Ideas for Vibrant Color

If you walk outside during autumn, do you see the colors of the season? If not, you may want to plan for some plants that show off the vibrant colors that come with the season. When you want to have your yard explode with fall beauty each season, here are some plants that will do the trick.

  • Amsonia. This fluffy plant will have blue flowers in the spring and will turn into a multitude of golden hues.
  • Autumn Moon. For fall color through spring to fall, plant the fullmoon maple variation. The colors will be red in the spring and then turn green-gold in the fall.
  • Beautyberry Bush. Just like its name, the beautyberry bush will produce long strands of white to purple berries that add a gorgeous color contrast for your fall landscape.
  • Calibrochoa. A small plant that works best in pots, the plant will bloom tiny orange, red, and yellow flowers.
  • Coral Bells. The plant will provide golden and hot pink colors to provide a different texture in the same autumn hues as the rest of your fall landscape.
  • Fothergilla. The shrub will create the perfect autumn hues while maintaining white flowers in the spring time.
  • Goldenrod. The goldenrod plant adds a pop of yellow to your perennial garden.
  • Japanese Maple Trees. There are many varieties of Japanese maples that will produce different colors and leaf shapes. The limb structure combined with the vibrant, fiery colors is perfect for the autumn setting.
  • Panicle Hydrangeas. In the summer, the hydrangea breed will have white flowers and will transition into pink and purple colors in the fall.
  • Mums. There are so many color varieties when it comes to mums. To experience the fall colors, aim for the red, orange, and yellow varieties to plant in your landscape.
  • Nikko Deutzia. This shrub will provide a warmer, Thanksgiving-y burgundy to your fall landscape.
  • Strawflower. Strawflower is aptly named for the autumn symbol of stray and hay! The floral bushes come in a variety of reds, oranges, and yellows.
  • Witch Hazel. The perfect spooky and witch-reminiscent plant for your fall landscape, witch hazel provides your landscape with a magical element and a lovely fragrance.