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Erosion Control Services

When our landscape professionals strategically transform your yard or property into your outdoor dream, we incorporate landscaping to prevent erosion. We visualize and implement gorgeous rain gardens to discourage lawn soil erosion and install top-quality landscaping drainage systems to deter damaging flow paths. From hand picking the perfect foliage for deep root maximization to knowing what type of soil you need for an ideal infiltration rate, our licensed professionals take the very best landscape erosion control methods into consideration.

The Second Nature Team are Experts in all Areas of Erosion Control for Landscaping

Local to the Kansas City metro, our landscape design professionals are native to the unpredictable Midwest weather patterns and widespread season changes. Their vast knowledge extends to applying successful techniques aimed at combatting water and soil erosion.

  • Water Erosion is effectively controlled through colorful vegetation, elegant retaining wall structures and slope erosion control. Our design team is dedicated to yard erosion repair and landscape damage that is due to hillslope vulnerability, heavy rains and winds.
  • Soil Erosion will make your outdoor space look less appealing and it will rob your landscape of valuable nutrients. Our full service landscaping and drainage systems will lessen the movement of soil and reduce the effect gravity has through slope stabilization.

Different Types of Erosion Control

 Second Nature believes in the environmental benefits of capturing and storing water runoff along with the secondary gains of redirecting water flow. When designing a yard drainage system, our licensed professionals take into consideration the proximity of vital structural components to ensure that water overflow is effectively deterred.

  • Capturing and Storing Water Runoff is a popular way to reduce and administer yard damage repair. When implemented properly, this type of “landscape drainage” allows water overflow to be re-used and organically reduce water pollution. Our design professionals know just how to situate a cistern for atheistic appeal and optimize a beautiful rain garden to gently absorb and filter overflow so that ground water is recharged.
  • Redirecting Runoff will prevent additional erosion and is an important step in gaining yard erosion control. Landscape drainage systems provide an excellent redirection route and our landscape designers are experts at incorporating your natural topography for optimal redirection.

Slope, Hillside and Landscaping Erosion and Ways to Control It

 Allow our design team to turn your rolling land into gentle slopes and lush hillsides. We are your local experts for slope erosion control and sustaining the exquisite beauty of your residential, commercial or industrial property. Our comprehensive range of services relating to slope protection and erosion control will deter water from creating ruts, bare patches and uneven spots in your outdoor space. Your requirements are unique and our landscape designers match top quality solutions to satisfy your landscaping needs.

  • Erosion Control Mats increase slope stabilization by allowing vegetation to effectively take root. Our specialist team will help you determine if biodegradable blankets with fibers such as coconut, wood or straw are best or if you would be better served with longer lasting erosion control fabric.
  • Plants are extremely functional when it comes to slope stabilization and erosion control. Our dedicated team takes soil depth, directional climate and areas of sun exposure into consideration when discerning the perfect plant mix. Combined together, bountiful shrubs, gorgeous ground cover and sturdy trees will align their root systems together to create a solid soil foundation.
  • Retaining Walls redirect water and can be an absolutely spectacular addition to your landscape design. Our contractors have 20 years of experience carefully crafting retaining walls of stoic stone, traditional brick and much more!

Drainage and Erosion

Both drainage and erosion occur naturally, often go hand-in-hand and each can be deterred. Drainage issues can be a soggy nuisance and do not always present an immediate problem. That is why our professional landscaping services always include measures for landscape erosion control and landscape erosion repair.

Why Pick Second Nature for Erosion Control Services?

With 20 years of experience in residential and commercial landscape, our licensed architect and landscape design professionals have a deep understanding of how water, wind, ice and gravity will affect your lawn and outdoor design. Our innovative solutions include landscape erosion control and yard erosion repair which are critical to negating excessive and ongoing water flow that can carve gullies, uproot plants and cause general mayhem in your gardens. If you need help fixing lawn erosion, need assistance with landscape drainage installation or have an erosion control situation, our expert team will provide you with practical and beautiful solutions.

If you are interested in our commercial or residential erosion control services or would like to learn more about our irrigation services or would like more information, please CONTACT US.