Deck Railing Ideas for Your Outdoor Living

One of the most eye catching features of a deck is the railings that you choose to design with. There are many beautiful options for railing design that will elevate the look and feel of your outdoor living space. To help you decide on the best material, here are some deck railing ideas for inspiration.

deck railing ideas

Wood Deck Railing Ideas

Wood deck railings are the most common type of railing because of the versatility the material offers. You can get a variety of wood grains, stains, or painted colors for your deck. Wood is also fairly easy to maintain depending on the wood type. Some only need a power washing every few others while other require more frequent wood preservation treatment.

Wood railings are commonly vertical, horizontal, or diagonal for any type of deck styling. Depending on what you want to spend and what your contractor offers, you can get creative with your railing designs. Many homeowners like wavy vertical railings, branch imitation railings, or mixing of horizontal and vertical elements for a visual element.

Glass Railings

Glass railings are one of the most beautiful deck railing ideas, but also one of the most expensive. However, if you have a great view in front of your deck or if you want to mimic the architecture of a beach house, glass railings are the best option. Maintenance requires frequent glass cleaning, but otherwise the railings do not need additional maintenance unless they break.

Frameless glass railings provide an upscale look to your decking. Many homeowners also use stained glass accents as part of their railing system to let in beautiful patterns of light.

Stone Railings

Stone railings are incredibly expensive, but also incredibly eye-catching. When you are upgrading your deck for architecturally rich home, stone railings can provide an element of old world elegance that you cannot achieve with other materials. You can use stone accents in concrete, create stone balusters, or use stone to create a privacy wall railing. Stone railings are best combined with tiling decking.

Composite and Vinyl Options

Vinyl and composite deck railing ideas are one of the most affordable options available. They come in a variety of styles and colors and require extremely little maintenance. You can customize the railings to fit your outdoor living space and can combine different materials in addition to composite and vinyl.

Metal Variations

There are a variety of metal deck railing options to spruce up your deck with a unique material. Metal or wrought iron railings can provide an upscale look to your decking, especially when combining black metal railings with cooler wood colors. Metal can also be fabricated into any style or shape you would like for railings to create a custom and spectacular feature.

A very popular metal variation for deck railings are cables. Cable railings create a very modern look and are perfect for contemporary and modern home styles. A benefit of cable railings is the ability to see through the railings and enjoy the view, but they are an expensive railing option for your decking.

To see beautiful deck railing ideas, check out this great infographic from A Wood Railing!