Custom Patio Services

Custom Patios: Design, Build, Construction, Maintenance by Second Nature

Transform your home with a private outdoor retreat…a well-appointed, custom designed patio just for you. You can enhance the functionality of your property by adding one or more outdoor amenities, including patios, decks, walkways, and pool surroundings. A custom patio, with or without an outdoor kitchen is a natural gathering place for friends and family to meet. Alfresco entertaining is a four season possibility when you have a patio fireplace or fire pit. A patio can be open to the sun, or you can have a covered patio with a solid roof for use even when it’s raining. A lattice or pergola top will provide just the right amount of shade and style.

Second Nature offers exceptional patio design and build services for transforming your outdoor living spaces. Our work ranges from classic, formal outdoor living spaces to innovative contemporary designs. Fresh design concepts combined with the meticulous craftsmanship of our installation team will enhance the beauty, livability and value of your home.

Building a Patio is an Investment

As a long term investment in expanding the living space and curb appeal of your home, a well-built patio can offer a solid return on investment, while providing pleasure to your family and guests. Patios tend to be more expensive—but more durable—than decks. While a patio may be a larger initial investment, it can surpass 20 years with no maintenance and add useable living space to your home. Realtors note that prospective home buyers almost universally want outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks and terraces.

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Patio Construction Materials

Hardscaping materials for building a patio are available in many long-lasting materials, from brick and stone, to concrete and cast stone pavers.

Patio designs to consider include using a combination of materials, for instance, a cast concrete patio with brick edging, or a slate patio with fieldstone accenting.

Concrete Patios

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials available for creating an outdoor space. A concrete patio can be poured in any shape to fit any landscape element. Highly durable and low maintenance, concrete patios can be made in an amazing array of texture, pattern and color choices. Finishes include stamped concrete patterns, exposed aggregate, salt finish, integral color or long-lasting masonry stains in addition to the basic broom finish. Stamped concrete patios are very popular in our area as well as stained concrete patios. Careful consideration of site preparation and climate will ensure longevity. Our professional patio experts at Second Nature can help you determine if a concrete patio is feasible for your home. Give us a call today at  816-844-7733 to set an appointment for an on-site evaluation.

Brick Patios

A brick patio is a perfect choice for traditional or formal style homes, offering timeless appeal. Brickwork patios for homes with brick elements will convey a harmonious continuity with the outdoor spaces. The warm, variable colors blend beautifully into the landscape, and there is abundant scope for added design elements such as ornamental and functional piers, planter boxes and walls. Popular patio choices for the laid brick pattern include herringbone, basket weave and running bond. These can be laid “dry” over a compacted sand and gravel foundation or mortared over a concrete slab. Ornamental brickwork has been used as a garden element for centuries, and is a classic patio choice for your home.

Flagstone Patios

Flagstone is an excellent choice for stone patio flooring with a natural, organic look. The stones come in a range of earthy browns, grays, reds, gray-blue and ochre tones. Slate, sandstone, and limestone are widely available in either rectangle or irregular shapes (known as ‘crazy paving’). A random rectangle pattern using multiple sizes of stones laid with staggered joints can be used to break up an overly symmetrical layout. Stone patios are a complex, yet ordered look, suitable to formal spaces. Moss or small groundcover plants can be grown in the joints between the stones to soften the look.

The benefits of flagstone patios, on the practical side, include being slip resistant, easy care, and they remain looking new for decades when properly installed.

Flagstone patios can be laid dry over a bed of sand and gravel, or they can be installed on top of a concrete slab. Call us at  816-844-7733 to discuss the benefits of either type of installation or to discuss the cost of a flagstone patio.

Paver Patio

Patios made with pavers are a premium patio and an alternative to a concrete patio. Pavers are cast concrete blocks or smaller cut stone blocks and are available in an attractive variety of colors and shapes. Precast concrete pavers come in many sizes and configurations and offer a flexible, creative solution to using color and pattern in your patio design. Patio ideas to consider would be framing a patio in contrasting color, or encircling a built-in fire pit with integrated seating to match the paved areas.

Soft “tumbled’ edges, rough textured surfaces, and fan shaped, circular or mosaic-patterned patio installations can give an old-world, rustic-courtyard look to your patio, closely simulating the look of old brick or stonework.

Options for permeable patios include pavers with surface openings designed to decrease water runoff.

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