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Our Favorite Bonfire Party Ideas for Fall Entertaining

You have invested in a beautiful outdoor living space with the fire pit at the center of it all. Now that fall has arrived and the cool weather fever has moved in, it is time to celebrate your outdoor living space. To help kickstart your creativity, here are some of our favorite bonfire party ideas to help you throw a fiery bash around your fire pit.

bonfire party ideas


Start With Food Menu

The food you choose to include at your bonfire can be vary depending on the overall theme of your outdoor living space as well as the type of party you want to have. While there are many different bonfire party ideas for food, the most important thing is to keep it easy to eat. Try finger foods, a taco bar, a chili station, or something else simple to eat around a campfire that won’t have guests dropping food into their laps.

Add Light Decoration for Effect

Your landscape and outdoor living space should do the majority of the work naturally for decorations. However, you can add a few touches to emphasize that fall and campfire feeling for your guests.

  • Add string lights over your patio space. This will provide lighting to see food and drink but not too much to take away from the atmosphere.
  • Emphasize firelight with candles. To increase the campfire and rustic atmosphere, add tealight candles to the bottom of mason jars.
  • Use barrels, baskets, and other rustic items to store your favors like bug spray, blankets, s’more fixins, etc.

Offer Campfire Party Favors

A campfire is all about getting cozy and spending time with friends and family. One of the best bonfire party ideas to meet this request is with cozy party favors! Get your guests involved in the bonfire by providing scented pinecone fire starters they can add to the campfire to create a lovely, woodsy scent. Create a blanket stand with a basket full of blankets that people can use around the campfire. You can buy campfire blankets online and let guests take them home with them if you don’t have enough of your own to offer.

To keep guests cozy, you should also provide bug spray. Most bugs should be gone by the time the first frost hits and smoke from the fire does a good job of keeping bugs away, but there could still be bugs lingering around light sources where your food is set up. Light a citronella candle and offer complimentary bug spray to guests who feel bites.

The Best of the Bonfire Party Ideas – S’mores!

What is a bonfire party without S’mores? There are so many bonfire party ideas to incorporate s’mores in unique ways. Some of our favorites include:

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

While it has been an unseasonably warm fall, the nights are turning cooler making it the perfect time to sit around the fire. There are many different backyard fire pit ideas that can go with a variety of different outdoor living styles and designs. To help you enjoy the bonfire season, here are some of our favorite backyard fire pit ideas.

backyard fire pit ideas

Steel Fire Pits

The great thing about steel fire pits is they can be inexpensive to provide an upscale look on a budget, or can be a high quality centerpiece to your outdoor living space. Steel fire pits are light weight and incredibly durable with high weather resistance. The different types of steel fire pits include:

  • Painted Steel. This is the most affordable option, but you will have to apply a new coat of heat-resistant paint once a year.
  • Stainless Steel. Stainless steel has a high melting point making this one of the best backyard fire pit ideas for durability and resistance to corrosion and stains. This type of fire pit offers different finishes to go with your outdoor living design.
  • Rusted Steel. For a weathered look, rusted steel is one of the great backyard fire pit ideas. The rust is only for a decorative look on the surface so the construction of the fire pit is not compromised. However, since you are starting with a weathered look, the lifespan of the steel will shorten.

Brick Fire Pits

Brick firepits are similar to steel where they can be an inexpensive, DIY project or you can make it look incredibly sleek and professional. Out of the many backyard fire pit ideas, brick is the most versatile in design options. You need certain types of bricks when constructing a brick fire pit, including:

  • Firebricks to line the center of the pit to withstand intense heat. You can also use a metal ring or other insert that can hold up to intense heat.
  • Regular bricks for the outside ring that are used for design purposes only. These can be a multitude of shapes to encompass the look and feel you are going for in your outdoor living space.
  • Small patterned bricks for the base of the fire pit to protect your flooring or yard and to give a more creative design.

Natural Stone Fire Pit

Similar to a brick fire pit, the natural stone fire pit can be built yourself or with a more professional appearance. With a natural stone fire pit, it is better to have a professional install it to give off the right weathered, natural look without compromising the integrity of the fire pit structure.

Built In Firepit

A built in firepit is one of the more impressive backyard fire pit ideas. You can choose from a variety of fire pit types, including wood burning or natural gas, to build into the ground. The important thing here is the interior construction of the fire pit and a plan to clean out ashes from the bottom. From there, design plays a factor with how you line the fire pit and construct the patio sitting space around it.

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Design

Depending on which fire pit you choose, you will need to consider the design of your backyard fire pit ideas. For example, a steel fire pit is going to get hot. Certain types of steel will contain the heat, like stainless steel, but others could be very hot to the touch. Be sure to arrange your outdoor living space with room around the fire pit so people do not accidentally burn themselves.

Likewise, a built in fire pit will require you to plan your outdoor living space creation around the fire pit. A built in fire pit will no doubt kickstart your creativity for multiple backyard fire pit ideas for design, including what material to line the fire pit with and how you want to lead into the seating area.

Get Ready for Fall with These Fire Pit Designs

Summer is winding down and the crisp coolness of autumn will be blowing in before you know it. One of the best parts of fall is enjoying the weather while keeping warm around a fire pit. If you want to enjoy the outdoors while staying toasty, here are some fire pit designs to help you get ready for fall.

fire pit designs

Types of Fire Pit Designs

There are a few different fire pit designs you can go for. There are above ground pits, in ground pits, built-in pits, covered fire pits, coal pits, oven pits, and fireplaces.

  • Above Ground Fire Pit: This is the most popular type of fire pit for the area. Usually these fire pits are built with stones, steel, or concrete and sit above ground on a patio or yard.
  • In Ground Fire Pit: An in ground pit is buried in the ground with stone work around it. Usually these are designed with a patio.
  • Built-In Fire Pits: A built-in fire pit is built into an object, like an outdoor coffee table.
  • Covered Fire Pits: Another popular fire pit option in the area, a covered fire pit can be used with any of the above pits but will have a steel cover over it. This is great for areas with fire restrictions or for cooking.
  • Coal Fire Pits: A coal pit can be used in any of the above fire pit types and uses coal to create an ember bed with singular flames, making for a dramatic effect.
  • Oven Fire Pits: An oven fire pit utilizes a small outdoor “oven” usually with some stone work or other outdoor living design build around it. These are used primarily to warm an entire patio space.
  • Fireplaces: An outdoor fireplace is perfect for those who have a large outdoor living area. It instantly upgrades the elegance and value of your living space.

Places to Put Your Fire Pit

The most common place to place fire pit designs is on a patio space. Often the fire pit will be designed to match the patio space with similar stone or concrete worked into the pit design. You can also place a fire pit out in your yard with its own fire pit area. People will build stone benches around the pit or will use a gravel floor to designate the fire pit area. Many homeowners choose to build their fire pit in a secluded garden area for a true private relaxation space.

Landscaping Around the Fire

In most cases, the landscaping around the fire pit uses the same stones or materials for the patio or outdoor kitchen the fire pit is placed in. However, there are a few other options for landscaping around fire pit designs, including:

  • Built-in benches with bushes around the bench.
  • A wall by one edge of the fire pit with potted plants lining the wall.
  • Mulch and small perennials.
  • Large natural stone blocks and a combination of bushes and wildflowers.
  • A row of plants and small tress of varying height behind the fire pit.
  • Mulch and large tile blocks.
  • Gravel and large stepping stones to the fire pit area.