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8 Backyard Design Ideas

Your backyard is a blank canvas where you can get very creative with design elements and function for your outdoor living space. There are many neat details that you can insert into your backyard design to make your backyard stand out from neighbors. To help kick start your creativity, here are some of Second Nature’s favorite backyard design ideas.

backyard design ideas

Add An Outdoor Fireplace or Outdoor Fire Pit

Adding a fire feature is one of our favorite backyard design ideas because of the simplicity and the comfort it provides. Creating an outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit is one of the simpler backyard construction projects you can have. It also creates the perfect reason to gather friends and family in your backyard for a get together.

Popular Backyard Design Ideas – Gardens and Courtyards

Gardens are a beautiful design element to add to your backyard space. Whether you want a functional garden with fruit and vegetables or an aesthetic garden with plants and florals, adding a space for a garden to grow is a lovely design element. Try creating a specific garden design, like a wildflower garden, that you can walk through or sit in for reflection and relaxation. Or you can add your outdoor dining area to your garden to create a unique backyard design. More popular backyard design ideas include combining gardens and landscaping into a courtyard for a relaxation section of your yard.

Create Water Features

Relaxing water features including fountains and ponds are one of the coolest and subtlest backyard design ideas to add to your landscaping. The relaxing noise and eye catching feature will put you at ease every time you walk into your yard. Another water feature you can add that provides an enormous relaxation feature to your outdoor living space is an in-ground hot tub. If you have the room creating a hot tub oasis with a custom design will increase your home’s resale value and make your backyard more enjoyable.

Unique Dining and Lounge Areas

We mentioned above that you can add a dining area to your garden space for a relaxing and lovely dining space. It is also a good idea to add an outdoor dining space in other unique ways. Create a pergola that is either incorporated with your patio or off to the side custom created for your dining table. This provide some shade for your diners in a unique way.

Another unique feature to add to your backyard design is a lounge area. Many people reserve lounge areas by the pool, but you can create a natural stone or stamped concrete pad under some shade trees to place comfortable lounge chairs.

Amp Up Your Outdoor Living Space

To make your backyard design completely relaxing, add an outdoor living space using a deck or patio design. You can make this space very cozy with built-in benches, beautiful furniture, and a firepit. To add some customization, find colorful pillows or outdoor rugs to add to your space.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen or Outdoor Bar

If you plan on spending a lot of time outside, you need to add an outdoor kitchen or outdoor bar to your backyard design ideas. Having a separate outdoor kitchen space can make cooking and serving easier during backyard parties since you will not be heating your entire house up with cooking activities. An outdoor bar is a neat feature to add to your backyard design, especially if you plan on having multiple get-togethers in the space

Light Up Your Life with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can create the perfect aesthetic once night falls. There are many interesting lighting options available depending on your overall backyard design. One of our favorite backyard design ideas when it comes to lighting is recessed lighting. These can be installed in stairs, hardscapes, around a pool, and more.

Add Definition with Retaining Walls and Hardscapes

When evaluating backyard design ideas, be sure you add some definition to create a visual appeal. Consider a retaining wall to separate areas of your backyard space, such as a garden area and patio space. You also want to consider hardscapes around your patio area or fire pit.