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Building a Deck? Learn More About Deck Construction & Design

Ever considered adding a backyard deck to your home? Wondering if it would not only increase your enjoyment but also help the value of your home?  Been researching which type of deck would be best for your home and need some expert advice?  Give the professional deck experts at Second Nature a call at 816-844-7733 and we’ll be happy to help you with all your questions and provide a free estimate to determine the cost of adding a deck to your home!

As our customers can attest, adding a deck to your home is a great way to expand your outdoor living space! Our designers have created hundreds of beautiful and innovative custom deck designs.  Check out our gallery page (insert whatever page is accurate) to get your creative juices flowing and get ideas on the type of deck you would like.

Once you have met with our deck designers and have decided on the deck that would best meet your needs, our expert crews will begin your new deck installation, completing the install efficiently and accurately, with minimal intrusion into your busy life.

Cost of Building a Deck

If the expense of building a deck is causing you hesitation, consider the cost of building a deck can be very moderate when compared with other home improvements and the value it adds to your home’s value. Alternatively, with custom features such as premium hardwoods, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, roofs or multilevel options, the sky is the limit!

Why do people love Second Nature Outdoor Living for designing and installing decks?  Because we offer custom deck plans to fit any style, function and budget.  We specialize in creative design solutions to help homeowners get the most enjoyment from their outdoor space. We build custom decks, designed specifically for each property. Our patio and deck designs will complement the style and materials of your home. Knowledge of residential architectural style is one of the many things that sets Second Nature Outdoor Living services apart from an average deck builder.

Building a Deck as an Investment

Aside from the pleasure you will get out of your new living space, a deck is a solid property investment. A new deck will increase both your home’s curb appeal and its value. In fact, building a deck is one of the best returns on investment a homeowner can make. If you plan to sell your house within a few years, you can expect to recoup as much as 80% of your costs—while making your home much more attractive to potential buyers. Factors affecting this include, of course, the quality of materials and workmanship. Hardwood decks tend to have a higher return on investment than pressure treated or composite material decks, all of which are discussed below.

Should You Build a Deck or Patio?

Which should you choose to have built, a deck or a patio? Both offer outdoor living spaces that can be tailored to your home’s architectural style, your needs and your budget. Ultimately, the factors that pertain to this decision are:

  • Your aesthetic preferences
  • Function that you would like this space to fulfill
  • Your property’s topography
  • Whether there is a view you’d like to highlight
  • Length of time you plan to stay in your home
  • Your budget

On this page, we will discuss the benefits of our custom decks. Please check out our Patio page to see some of the excellent designs and the workmanship offered by Second Nature.

About Wood Deck Construction Materials

Deck construction consists of two elements: the underlying structure and the cosmetic, also known as finish. Second Nature Outdoor Living’s structural components are built and installed to the highest standards for durability and longevity.

Deck flooring (decking) and finish surfaces can be fabricated using pressure treated wood, cedar, redwood, composites, and high end hardwoods such as Brazilian Cherry (also known as Ipe) or Mahogany. Below is a list of deck material options, from lowest to highest cost:

Pressure treated wood will be the least expensive choice for decking surfaces and built-in amenities such as benches. These boards tend to be lower grade softwoods and may cup or bow slightly over time. Knots and variable grain patterns are characteristics of these woods and can affect the appearance of a deck. Pressure treated wood decks will require periodic maintenance and may not be as long lasting as other options. We prefer to hand select the highest grade material for our projects.

Cedar and redwood make gorgeous decks. They are long lasting and weather beautifully. Redwood decking may be difficult to find in our area at times, but cedar is widely available. We recommend cedar decks to our customers due to the longevity and appearance.  Cedar decks may be more expensive but they more than pay for themselves over time and deliver high customer satisfaction.

Composite decks have a lot of practical advantages for the homeowner. They are the maintenance free decking choice and keep their good looks for years on end. Many have high recycled content, making them an environmentally friendly choice. These composite materials have shown the test of time in commercial applications such as parks, playgrounds and malls.

Dense tropical hardwoods such as Ipe or Ironwood have an incredible beauty and durability that can be measured in many decades. Their surfaces are smooth, dense, and close grained. Ipe decking is more labor intensive to install, because it cannot be nailed. Every single hole must be hand drilled. These beautiful hardwood decks are the high-end choice for homeowners wanting a top of the line deck. They show little wear, require minimal maintenance and age beautifully to a silvery iridescent grey if unfinished. An oil finish applied periodically will preserve their natural warm color for years, but is not necessary for longevity. As you can tell, the cost of hardwood decks far exceeds the other type of decks in our line up.

Our deck designers will be happy to schedule an on-site consultation to show you a multitude of options and discuss the best deck for you. Call us at 816-844-7733 or visit us today to see our portfolio of beautiful deck designs adaptable to your home.

Deck Construction Styles Trending Now

About Free Standing / Floating Decks

A free-standing deck, or floating deck, is simply a deck that’s not attached to your house.

The benefits of a floating deck include design flexibility, functionality and charm. Installing a floating deck is quicker and less complex to install than a conventional deck which is attached to a structure. Since they aren’t physically tied to a house they don’t require removal of siding, installing supporting ledger boards or adding flashing; they are supported solely by foundation piers. Floating decks can be installed almost anywhere in your yard but you’ll need to check the setback restrictions.

Why Build a Floating Deck?

Extra space, charm and privacy! You can create a cozy hideaway set away from your home with a small floating deck. Landscaped with small trees or trellised half-walls covered with climbing vines or roses, this can be a charming, quiet garden oasis away from the demands and temptations of household chores and noises. Built in planters, benches and storage complement the look and functionality of these delightful small spaces.

Uses of free-standing decks include:

  • Above ground pool decks
  • Integrated deck and patio designs
  • A pool deck for in-ground pools and spas
  • Small spaces
  • Terraced platforms stepped into hillsides
  • Surrounding a specimen tree, with benches encircling the trunk
  • Overhanging an ornamental fish pond

Floating Deck Installation

Floating decks can be installed at ground level, with multi-level platforms, or built into a sloped landscape. Considerations include the possible need for installation of deck railing per building codes, but they are not required for decks close to the ground. If you choose to add them, we have a wealth of traditional to contemporary deck railing ideas that will work with the style of your new deck!

Call and talk to us today about creating a floating deck oasis for your property! 816-844-7733