2019 Summer Backyard Patio Ideas

With summer almost in full swing, it’s time to have your patio looking its best! Patio accents, renovations and custom patio designs are great ways to transform your backyard patio ideas into an outdoor living space you love.

Outdoor living space with chairs and a fireplace

Outdoor Patio Accents

If you love your patio but feel like something is missing, spice up your outdoor leisure space with pleasing colors and style. The small details of patio accents will provide big results to your summer backyard patio ideas. From functional to stylish, there are options for every budget.

Colorful Throw Pillows

Your patio. Your style! Colorful throw pillows come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors. With endless options, outdoor throw pillows will highlight your personal design preference and bring the WOW to your backyard.

Are you feeling a little beachy? Create a coastal look with colorful throw pillows in teal, blue and sand hues. If a tropical vibe is best for you, mix-and-match solid colors with patterns of greens leaves and bamboo. Bright fun colors from floral pillows can bring about flower garden splendor and a cheerful your spirit. From farmhouse chic to clean orderly geometric designs, outdoor pillows take your décor to the next level.

Change out often or keep all summer, outdoor throw pillows are easy to store and pull out for any occasion. Change with the seasons or switch up for a cocktail party, colorful outdoor pillows allow you to set your tone, your way.

Versatile Patio Tables

Gather around a table to enjoy your new patio with your loved ones.  Patio tables are versatile and come in many shapes sizes and styles.   If your patio is not covered, you may think about a patio table that will accommodate an umbrella.   A table with an outdoor fire pit may be a nice touch for outdoor dining all year round.   The size and shape of your patio and the number of family members who will frequently dine there will guide your choice; and with the many choices available, you are sure to find the perfect versatile patio table.

Unique and Playful Chairs

You may opt for outdoor furniture sets and or mix it up a little with unique, playful and artsy chairs around your new patio.  Adirondack chairs may bring images to your mind of shells and sand and the peaceful sounds of the beach surf.  Use lounger, patio chaise or daybeds to soak up some sunshine or enjoy a good read.  Wicker furniture can come in many looks, you could use wicker for a tropical look, southern porch look or a modern look.

Outdoor Breakfast Patio

Greet the new day with breakfast in your backyard!  Your very own special outdoor breakfast patio can be created with a new table, some fabulous chairs or an outdoor kitchen. From Sunday Brunch to enjoying your morning coffee, an outdoor kitchen would be a wonderful way to entertain guests.

Relaxing Hammock

Just the sight of a hammock swinging gently in the breeze brings images of relaxation.   Hammocks come in many styles and sizes as well as frames and ways to hang.  A new chick hammock could bring hours of outdoor relaxation on your new patio.

Patio Fire Bowl

Consider using a Fire Bowl to add a touch of luxury to your patio accent options.  Fire bowls will also bring pleasant light to your patio for your summer evening leisure. The perfect gathering spot, a patio fire bowl completes the party.

Comfortable Soft Swings

Whether it is a hanging chair or a traditional soft swing, your seating choice will be popular. Perfect for individual lounging or multiple seating during for an occasion, comfortable swings bring the magic and make people happy.

If your patio is not covered, you may opt for a canopy over your swing.  Complete your design look with colorful throw pillows or and an outdoor blanket.

Outdoor Patio Renovations

Outdoor patio renovations take your outdoor area to the next level. Here at Second Nature, creating new elements for your patio is our passion. If you can dream it, we can design, build and install it.

When you are ready to move forward with beautiful hardscape, an outdoor kitchen or patio lights, give us a call. We will have an entire team dedicated to you and your patio ideas.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen delivers many benefits.  During the summer months, you can keep the cooking and baking heat outside and conserve air-conditioning. If you love to can your produce from the garden, an outdoor kitchen will keep the heat and extra mess outside. You will also have a little more elbowroom for others assisting you in that lengthy process. Outdoor kitchens are a great place to entertain and can offer hours of enjoyment and practical use.

Patio with table settings and outdoor kitchen space in background



Patio Mood Lighting

Outside lights are the perfect way to set the mood. Custom design your patio lights and enjoy the long summer evenings with friends and family on your remodeled patio from Second Nature.  You can hang up a string of cove or rope porch lights to create a soft relaxing glow or you can combine lights with ceiling for form and function. Consider lanterns for accenting eating areas with style and class and wall lights for nice patio lighting. There are many outdoor light fixtures to choose from allowing you to create your own patio mood.

Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

There is just something about an outdoor fire pit. Relaxing and hypnotic, it can become a focal point and gathering spot. Watching flames can cause you to reflect and promote meaningful conversations.  It has been proven that staring at flames can lower blood pressure and promote relaxation.  A gas fire pit would be very convenient.  With the many fireplace designs available, you are sure to find one to suit your needs.

Covered Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor Patio Bar

An outdoor patio bar is not only great for entertaining, but also offers a nice spot for your family to hang out.  An outdoor patio bar would also be nice around a pool area to serve snacks and refreshments.   You should consider if you want a wet bar (with a sink for rinsing glasses) or a dry bar (a place for serving drinks and snacks).  A patio bar can be custom built for your space, style and needs.

Custom Patio Design

The experts at Second Nature are here to transform your patio ideas into the backyard paradise of your dreams. We have an entire team to walk you through the patio process step-by-step.

Are you ready to have your dream delivered? Here’s what you can expect from Second Nature.

Custom Patio Design

Our custom patio design process begins with our landscape designer and your vision. Our landscape designer will work with you on professional details and input. From a custom kitchen to pavers and pergolas, our landscape designers make sure you love the design before handing it to the landscape architect.

Landscape Design Drawing

Your Perfect Patio Build

With over 20 years in the Kansas City area, our team is very familiar with Midwestern nuances. Our landscape architects consider terrain, seasonal weather and construction elements to ensure your patio project stays on track. Working directly with the construction portion, the landscape artist makes any necessary adjustments to keep your custom patio looking great all throughout the year.

 Outdoor Patio Construction

When it is time for the actual construction, we handle all the pieces and parts. From permits to materials, labor to clean up, we take of everything. We keep you informed of our progress and weather permitting, finish right on schedule!

Patio Maintenance and Upkeep

Expanding your living space to the outdoors brings enjoyment but it also is a great investment.

Patios are notoriously durable and can require no maintenance for up to 20 years. Our patio construction materials are long-lasting and expertly installed.

From simple to multifaceted patio designs, our experts implement perfect patio builds that are easy to maintain and keep up.