2017 Outdoor Kitchen Trends

Winter is the perfect time to start daydreaming about how you will spend your summer outside. This may be the summer that you finally get that outdoor kitchen that has been on your mind for so long! If you start planning now, you can be ready for updates and install as soon as the weather cooperates and you can spend more of your summer enjoying your new outdoor space. Here are some outdoor kitchen trends that we have found to be in high demand for the 2017 summer.

outdoor kitchen trends

What Type Of Equipment Do You Need?

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t only have to consist of a traditional grill. One of the current outdoor kitchen trends is to incorporate a number of different types of equipment, such as side burners, power burners, built in griddles, rotisserie, smokers, or even an outdoor pizza oven. Some units even offer multiple forms of fuel so that you can opt for the cooking method that best suits the food you are preparing.

Keep Your Drink Options Open

A popular trend that you may want to jump on is a beverage center. You can customize your beverage center in any way that suits you, but options you may want to consider are an outdoor wine cooler, outdoor kegerator, outdoor refrigerator, and a central location to serve and mix drinks with storage, a sink, access to ice, and a storage place for condiments and garnishes.

Everything AND The Kitchen Sink

Having a sink is one of the outdoor kitchen trends that is becoming more of a staple each year. Not only can you use it as part of your beverage station, it will also be invaluable for cleanup and make for fewer trips inside to clean your hands or wash off a plate.

Establish Functional Zones

When outdoor kitchens first gained popularity, they usually just consisted of the cooking component. Current outdoor kitchen trends have moved towards a more complete outdoor living space where you can prepare food, mingle with guests while the food is cooking, and also not have to move inside to eat when the food is ready. You want to make sure that you establish zones that allow for all of this to happen in a natural way, but still allows for the necessary space needed for cooking, setting up of an outdoor dining table, etc. You also need to make sure you plan the zones with a logical eye. You shouldn’t put cooking, or heating, elements next to cooling elements; this would result in both those appliances working harder to do their respective jobs.

Design Elements Have Evolved

Gone are the days of cinderblock and porcelain tile for outdoor kitchens. The latest outdoor kitchen trends include granite countertops and stainless steel drawers and cabinetry. Gaining in popularity is powder-coated metal, which provides durability and a wide variety of color. They can even be coated to look like real wood cabinets.

Outdoor Kitchen Trends Are More Than Just A Kitchen

As mentioned above, the current outdoor kitchen trends are so much more than a kitchen. You often find outdoor entertainment systems, including a television, plush seating, heaters, fire pits, fireplaces, a misting system to combat the summer heat, and outdoor lighting have been incorporated into the outdoor kitchen/living space. The sky is almost the limit on what you want to include that increases the comfort and livability of your outdoor kitchen.

Whether you are just starting the dreaming process of your outdoor kitchen, or you know exactly what you want, contact your local landscaping company and they can help you take the next step in turning this dream of an outdoor kitchen into a reality.